Shawnee County CDDO

K-PASS Self-Direction Toolkit

The Shawnee County CDDO is pleased to present the Kansas Personal Assistance Supports and Services (K-PASS) Self-Direction Toolkit. This toolkit was developed at the University of Kansas with assistance of individuals from many agencies, including the Shawnee County CDDO.

The purpose of the Kansas Self-Direction Toolkit is to provide people with disabilities the information and tools they need to hire and manage their personal assistant supports and services.

This Toolkit was developed to take you through each step of the process from developing a job description, selecting a payroll agent, advertising for personal assistants (PAs), screening, interviewing, selecting and then training those people you hire, as well as managing, paying and even dismissing a personal assistant if necessary. The Toolkit includes tips on planning for emergency back-up PAs, definitions of abuse, neglect, and exploitation and other useful resources. There is a list of all of the topics, sections and appendices in the Table of Contents.

There are two files on this web site for the K-PASS Self-Direction Toolkit. One is a PDF version of the file, great for reading online or printing out. The other is a Microsoft Word .doc file, and is about 3 times larger than the PDF file. However you could use that document if you want to easily copy and modify the sample forms for your own personal use.

K-Pass Toolkit Downloads - <Adobe Reader PDF> or <Microsoft Word DOC>

NOTE: If your computer does not already have a PDF viewer, you can download a free PDF viewer, called the Adobe Reader, at the web site

We recognize and thank the University of Kansas for developing this tool for individuals in Kansas, and for granting permission to present this tool on the Shawnee Country CDDO web site.

For additional information about the K-PASS Self-Direction Toolkit, contact:

Sara Sack, Project Director

The University of Kansas
Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities