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CDDO Training

Quality training is essential for ongoing systems enhancement and quality improvement. The CDDO works to coordinate, facilitate, organize, and/or assure that training is focused on areas of local interest and need. This page will provide you with cost effective training opportunities available throughout the community and the necessary contact information to coordinate involvement.

The Targeted Case Management (TCM) provider will cooperate with the CDDO for the annual TCM provider review. Training logs reviewed by the CDDO should indicate the Case Manager(s) name, topic, date, presenter and hours. The Case Managers first year of employment training hours may include the CDDO sponsored core training with a minimum of 20 hours.

Training logs are to be made available to the CDDO upon request.


  • Role of the Case Manager:
    BASIS, systems values and philosophy, job duties and responsibilities, documentation, billable activities, funding requests, choice/individual rights, council of community members, quality oversight and monitoring, dispute resolution, single point of entry and utilization of resources.
  • Service Planning:
    Person-Centered Support Plan, Persons' Preferred Lifestyle, transition planning, crisis intervention planning, behavior management and risk assessments.
  • Professional Development:
    Communication, negotiation, mediation, facilitation, and collaboration.
  • Rights Responsibilities and Legal Issues:
    Guardianship, Conservatorship, Rights and Responsibilities, Ethics, DD Reform Act, and Regulations, Confidentiality.
  • Benefits:
    SSI, SSDI, SSA, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and IWRE, etc.
  • Community Resources:
    Gathering information, community service providers, advocacy groups, mental health services, crisis intervention resources, and homeless services.
  • Health & Safety:
    ANE (prevention, reporting procedures, supporting victims); Health related issues, medication and side effects.

A new Case Manager must complete the identified CDDO core sponsored training within first 6 months of employment.

  • CDDO Overview
  • Article 63
  • Crisis Funding Request
  • Critical Incident Reports (CIR)
  • Functional Assessment (BASIS)
  • Personal Awareness and Satisfaction Tool (PAS)
  • Service Provider Transition Checklist
  • Status Action Forms
  • Web-Based Program (BCI)

(For additional information specific to TCM training
please review CDDO policy 06-011)

Upcoming CDDO Training Opportunities:

  • CDDO Core Training Dates
    Session 1 topics include "CDDO Overview", "Article 63/Licensing", "Functional Assessment (BASIS)", "Crisis Funding Request", and "Status Action Forms"
    Session 2 topics include "Service Provider Transition Checklist" and "Web-Based Program (BCI)"
    Session 1 Training Dates: March 7th, May 16th, August 15th & November 7th at 8:30am
    Session 2 Training Dates: February 20th, June 4th, August 20th & November 12th at 1:00pm
    To sign up contact the CDDO Administrative Assistant, Christine Hurla, 785-506-8676,

Please RSVP to Christine Hurla, CDDO Administrative Assistant, at (785) 506-8676 or .